Videography Services

Tim’s main passion is making videos. If you have not seen the six different YouTube channels he runs you can check them out! **Link coming soon but heres the names to look up as we set this up…**

Draw2Much     Legacy Studio Reviews     Ask Tim     The RC Noobie       Life of Thrive

Tim has worked in video production and radio for over 10 years and has loved every minute of it.  He specializes in “Docu” (Documentary) style filmmaking and makes marketing, educational, and review videos for all his different youtube channels.

Starting in March 2017, Tim will begin making a series with “The Montana Bladesmith” Mastersmith Ed Caffrey on a series of educational videos on how to make blades and folders for knives. A low resolution sample video is below of some of the pre-production film and audio tests to prepare for the series.

Tim is available for hire, and since Legacy Studio Productions is a new company, we will make sure you get the best price in the industry as we make ourselves known.  Feel free to contact us directly through our Facebook Page HERE!